he's fast. he's strong. he's a lil nugget.


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this brings me life

my love for stucky and skittles is unparalleled.

i am a surving victim of the great sebastian stan thirst of 2k14

"Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they can’t be saved."


reading: why we broke up

watching: aos, elementary, tw4

listening to: twenty one pilots

crying over: bucky barnes and o'brosey


holy trinity + koala bby:

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friendly reminder: you are enough. you are so, incredibly, unbelievably enough. and we are all so proud. never forget that.

Dylan O’Brien dancing in Panel NerdHQ.

Comic Con International 2014

Comic Con International 2014

❝No matter what happens… there will always be a string tying you to me. I’ll never not worry about you. I’ll never not care about what you do. You’ll always be something to me❞

Kiera Cass, The One (via a-thousand-words)

Chris Evans | Marvel Studios panel SDCC 2014


floridian view of the sky & the ocean… i’m swooning

he’s gone | inspired by [x]

sometimes before it gets better
the darkness gets bigger

cover re-makes: the selection series (x)

Just keep swimming.